This is awesome. I've been waiting for companies to implement this for years. First waiting to see desktop notifications find their way into the html spec, then for it to get into the browser, and then for a company like Google to actually start using it. » 1/26/11 6:10pm 1/26/11 6:10pm

Dropbox was mentioned, but I think that it, or something similar, should be emphasized more. Not only does dropbox synchronize all your school work between computers but it also backs it up and allows you to go back to previous versions of documents. Dropbox portable is a good way to get files synchronized on… » 7/14/10 8:18pm 7/14/10 8:18pm

On some SSDs, such as the Intel X25-M, poor partition alignment doesn't slow performance by all that much. On these drives, for most people, I doubt it's worth doing a fresh install of Windows XP for the extra performance—just wait until the next time you need to reinstall or you decide to move to a newer OS and make… » 7/14/10 12:55pm 7/14/10 12:55pm

@Marand: I found that flash 10.1 (final) crashed a lot for me (using an ATI 4650 with the latest drivers and Win 7). I disabled flash hardware acceleration, and this greatly reduced the number of flash crashes. However, flash still crashes occasionally. I think I'll try the new Firefox and see what happens when I… » 6/22/10 3:01pm 6/22/10 3:01pm